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New Rolex Bezel

New Rolex Ceramic Bezel

Have you ever compared a genuine Rolex with a replica one and noticed how firm and precise is the bezel rotation on the genuine and how lose and easy to turn is it on the replica?

Well this is a thing of the past. The new Swiss made Rolex replicas have exactly the same bezel system with as a genuine Rolex and they move and feel exactly the same.

The new Swiss made Rolex replicas now incorporates the new 4 point bezel mechanism that Rolex created for the new unidirectional ceramic bezels. The new click-springs on the bidirectional bezels have the same structure and resistance as the genuine.

The new 4 point system has 4 holes in the case and inside of them there is a spring with a ball bearing on top of the three and a spring with a unidirectional click head on the other. This system makes the bezel feel super solid steady and precise, exaclty like the genuine does.

These new bezel systems are combined with the new extremely hard ceramic material of the monobloc bezel insert and they keep their vibrant colours over time. They are virtually scratchproof and unaffected by exposure to opn_light as well as to sea water.

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