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Swiss ETA? Think again

Swiss ETA? Think Again

Have you ever bought a watch from these sites and when it came, the movement and crown operation didn’t feel so Swiss? Or even the whole crown came out in your hand?

Do you think these “Swiss” movements are not really authentic new Swiss ETA, and they are refurbished Swiss ETA movements? Or they are made with a part of authentic Swiss parts and a part of good Asian clone parts?

Well here are some facts that will answer all your questions.

This is the cost of a genuine Swiss made ETA movement in Europe without the shipping cost!

Check the link below to verify these prices

Now you can realize that it’s impossible to buy a replica watch with a genuine Swiss made ETA movement inside under $900, since just the movement cost is double or triple the price of a watch that sale for $100 or $200.

99% of the replica watches sold on the internet today have Asian made movements inside.

There are a lot types of ETA movements produced in Asia. Depending on the factory there are different qualities in these ETA copies.

So a lot of dealers refer to the average quality ETA copies like Asian ETA and to the better quality like Swiss ETA. All these movements are produced in Asia with 100% Asian materials and parts. There is no Swiss made parts inside these movements. They may fool some people, but in comparison with the original Swiss ETA or under a jeweler inspection it’s very easy to tell that it’s a copy movement.

As for the “refurbished Swiss ETA movements” story, you can comprehend that there is no refurbished Swiss ETA movements supply to feed all this huge market. In fact it’s very hard to find a genuine Swiss ETA movement today and with a simple search on internet you can verify this for yourself.

As for the “authentic Swiss parts inside” story, just think how much is the cost to build a movement from spare parts. If you try to build a movement from parts it will cost you double or triple the money of a new movement. It’s just like cars. Try to build a car from spare parts and you will understand.

In order to buy a replica watch with a genuine Swiss made ETA inside you have to be ready to pay for it and don’t expect to get a watch like this for $300. You can’t even buy the movement with this amount. If you are in a low budget then look for Asian or Japan made watches.

If you are looking for a genuine Swiss made watch with a real Swiss ETA movement inside then look for dealers that offer these watches priced accordingly to the building cost of such a watch.

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