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Valuable information about Replica Dealers that you can verify on the web

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Online Dealers

The replica watch business is a huge market and the quest to buy the perfect replica watch is difficult task. So we are here to clear out the picture for you and to give you valuable information that you can verify on the web.
First of all you have to decide the quality type of the watch you want to buy. Check out our Replica Quality list to determine the replica you are looking for.

Beware when you see sites that sell the so called “Swiss replicas” for $200 to $600. From the price you can easily understand that what they sell is Asian made watches since just the cost of a genuine Swiss made movement is $340 for a genuine ETA 2836-2 and up to $800 for a genuine Swiss Valjoux chronograph. With a typical online search you can verify the prices on the genuine Swiss made movements.

When you are looking to buy a replica watch try to avoid sites that only accept COD/Money orders. We have had reports that some of these sites sending an empty box with no watch!

Chose sites with good customer support. Email a question to the site and see how long it takes them to answer. Most of the sites will not even send you a reply and others will give you a general answer that doesn’t answer your quaestion. Look for a site that answers all your questions and reply to your emails. Also observe how professional they are in responding to your e-mails. If they do not respond to your e-mail within a few days, avoid that website.

Try to call the sites to see if you will get a live person answer, instead of dead signal. Ask them questions and see if you get the answers that covers you. Most of the sites don’t have any phone numbers and others even can’t speak English.

So try to find a site that you have communication with because if they won’t serve you well before the purchase then you can imagine the after sales support.

Remember that there is no such thing as “wholesale” or “discount” prices regarding the top quality Swiss hand made replicas because these watches are limited production and very rare to find. So ask the dealer for availability first and then proceed to purchase. Keep in mind that these Swiss watches never retail below $1000.

Find a dealer that offers Swiss hand made replicas and can accept multiple secure payments including credit cart and bank wire transfers.

Make sure that the website you are buying offers a money back guarantee. This way you can get your money back if you don’t like the watch.

Another important factor you should look for is the guarantee time that the dealer is offering. Avoid sites that offer no guarantee at all, and look for sites that offer at least two years of guarantee. There are dealers that can extent the guarantee up to four years and that is a big plus for a replica watch since even the big Swiss brands just offer two years of guarantee. When you see a dealer offering a lot of years of guarantee that means that the watch you are getting is a true Swiss made timepiece and it will last you a lifetime.

We only recommend that you consider buying a Swiss Hand Made Replica watch.

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