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Replica Site Reviews

Customer reviews for replica watches websites

Is a scam – fraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

Simple and easy to navigate website design.
Be aware that most of the photos are from genuine watches and not their replicas.
No Bank wire payment option.
Note that they charge and additional $20 to $35 shipping cost.
Stay on the simple versions of the watches because the quality here is very low.
There is no telephone number here, only email contact.
2.2 stars with potential further score reduction.



They don't accept credit card payments or bank wires and they sell super low quality replica fake watches. Photos of genuine watches are used on their site.

Customer Reviews

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  1. it is not the best place to buy a replica….
  2. fake imitations, avoid them
  3. their clones are just as all Chinese clones… awful!
  4. the word quality is probably absent entirely from their vocabulary, avoid!
  5. I would recommend you avoid shopping from this highly unreliable site which I made the mistake of trusting it
  6. their copies are qualitative the worst I’ve ever seen…
  7. their photos are great but certainly not their watches…
  8. the quality of their copies is particularly disappointing
  9. prices are good but do not be fooled by them, the quality is crap
  10. these guys are selling rubbishes! Stay away
  11. I do not think this site has anything worthwhile to look at…
  12. Chinese and fake, avoid them
  13. really untrustworthy site their imitations are of the worst I’ve ever seen
  14. fake… forget it
  15. beautiful site but their imitations are really low quality so…
  16. their goods are crap
  17. Stay away from this site guys, their goods are fake!
  18. crap!!! fake!!! avoid!!!
  19. I would never trust a Chinese site with my money…
  20. nothing worthwhile here guys, just good pictures you can find and nothing more
  21. the ordinary Chinese crap
  22. the worst imitations ever!!!
  23. A no good Chinese site
  24. those goods are truly fake! stay away!
  25. I wouldn’t consider it worthwhile as compared to other sites its watches look like cheap imitations
  26. in my personal opinion this site does not have the necessary credibility and I would recommend you avoid it
  27. another Chinese site that sells cheap imitations, I recommend you avoid it
  28. a site with badly made fake duplicates! stay away!
  29. avoiding it would be a smart idea i think
  30. not trustable!
  31. Low quality, bad imitations, stay away!
  32. a huge no from my part, it is a lousy site
  33. come on now, get serious guys, those are obviously fake
  34. a bunch of crap
  35. their imitations are really badly made
  36. value for money ratio is truly awful on those imitations!
  37. they sell low quality chinese copies
  38. you can find better quality and cheaper imitations than those
  39. it’s not a reliable site guys you should avoid it i think
  40. worthless site they’ve send me a totally different watch and of crap quality
  41. I don’t think it’s worth visiting this is a completely unreliable site with badly made counterfeits
  42. I was really disappointed when I saw the awful quality of the imitation I bought! Stay away from them!
  43. stay away guys, this is not a place to trust
  44. by looking a little at their products I think their unreliability is obvious
  45. this quality is crap, those watches are crap
  46. crap
  47. chinese crap
  48. definitely the poorest quality i’ve ever seen!
  49. this is a great place to lose money stay away
  50. Look elsewhere for something worthwhile guys, you’ll not find any here!

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