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Replica Site Reviews

Customer reviews for replica watches websites

Is a scam Рfraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

Simple and easy to navigate website design.
Be aware that most of the photos are from genuine watches and not their replicas.
No Bank wire payment option.
Note that they charge and additional $20 to $35 shipping cost.
Stay on the simple versions of the watches because the quality here is very low.
There is no telephone number here, only email contact.
2.2 stars with potential further score reduction.



They don't accept credit card payments or bank wires and they sell super low quality replica fake watches. Photos of genuine watches are used on their site.

Customer Reviews

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  1. These people offer the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Avoid them at all possibilities.
  2. Disappointed with their service. At times, they are simply unavailable.
  3. Not recommended. Poor service of the customer care desk.
  4. Except the delivery system, this website needs a complete overhaul. Needless to say, they deliver faulty products but within the stipulated time.
  5. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing from this site. It is a total loss of investment.
  6. Not a good site! Their response to customers needs improvement.
  7. Only their website is attractive and not their service. Extremely disappointed.
  8. I will never recommend this site to anybody. I have undergone the worst experience of my life with this website. Please guys work on your service quality.
  9. An absolutely hopeless site with zero care for the customers!
  10. Hmm, i cannot say that i would buy from them again…
  11. They are a plain loss of time and money
  12. i was expecting for two weeks for a cheap copy
  13. I think the ratings they are getting so far correspond to reality. Neither did I have a good service and the products they sent to me did not respond to the quality they promised, I will not buy again
  14. I really can’t understand what kind of people would buy from them considering the highly visible lack of the quality on their products.
  15. Valley of toys is more suitable name for them by my side of view
  16. it is not what you suggest to someone if you want others to respect your point of view
  17. it is a nice looking website with nothing more to offers, pure waste of time
  18. In my opinion whoever thinks that with a couple of hundred dollars can buy a high quality replica is a fool. This website sells inferior quality replicas by using the photos of the authentic ones. This is my opinion at least.
  19. they have changed their name to Louis Vuitton but I don’t think that they will manage to change their fate I think they are highly untrustable
  20. these watches don’t deserve to be called replicas they are inferior quality bad copies of the originals. This website is highly unreliable
  21. due to lack of their professionalism it is easy for someone to understand that they are unreliable
  22. The quality been used for making them is below the acceptable levels. They are nothing more than worthless cheap imitations.
  23. after hours of downloading pages it was impossible for me to see all of their collection I cannot imagine how they’re expecting people to order…
  24. They are asking 200$ for children toys
  25. if you want to risk your money in a website that keeps changing domains just to buy inferior quality replicas then go ahead and do it
  26. unfortunately I bought a copy of them and it was a really painful experience of course i got rid of it, it was completely useless, it was not even able to point the correct time
  27. I do not think it’s worthwhile to deal with people who sell rubbish quality copies
  28. totally unreliable website
  29. this is a site that I prefer look to remember since I have bought a watch of them and I never wore due to horrible quality that was made of.
  30. They have a fairly large collection of cheap Chinese imitations…
  31. my mother had bought a bag of them that was torn by the first week I really think the same rubbish will be also their other products
  32. the main problem I encountered during my order was the non loading pages from there and then the watch I ordered took three weeks to get it into my hands and it was of really frustrating quality
  33. they are not qualify to be classified as a reliable website
  34. Lousy quality, lousy website, waste of time and money.
  35. I can not figure out what kind of people buy their copies the only sure thing is that they do not know what quality means
  36. useless clones without any value of a really bad website with loading issues
  37. Pursevalley is a clone selling site that addressing to people who wants to buy cheap lower quality clones and not to people who like to make purchases of expensive long lasting replicas of top quality. So, based of what i’m seeking this is unsuitable and worthless.
  38. A collection of inferior quality replicas which surely are not able to satisfy clients who are seeking quality.
  39. The fact that they’re using two domains is highly suspicious but for my experience from the first one i consider them totally unreliable.
  40. horrible watches i wonder how they sell them
  41. although it’s a beautiful collection it’s inferior quality things it’s not for my taste
  42. it cost me some money but at least now I know it’s totally unreliable and I’m never going to buy again from them
  43. A valley of fake and highly overestimated duplicates from my buying experience.
  44. When I saw the prices on their site, I assumed that their copies were of poor quality. But when I received the clone I had ordered from their collection then I realized that their quality isn’t simply low but the worst possible.
  45. The inferior quality of their clones is so distinct that I think it’s hard anyone to be fooled to buy them.
  46. i bought a watch from them and i regrett it
  47. I would never buy something of them i consider them unreliable
  48. I advise you to be very careful with your dealings with this site
  49. I really can’t understand what they’re representing but surely i wouldn’t trust them with my money
  50. based on the quality of the watch I bought from them really is not worth half of the money I paid to get it

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