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Replica Site Reviews

Customer reviews for replica watches websites

Is a scam Рfraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

Simple and easy to navigate website design.
Be aware that most of the photos are from genuine watches and not their replicas.
No Bank wire payment option.
Note that they charge and additional $20 to $35 shipping cost.
Stay on the simple versions of the watches because the quality here is very low.
There is no telephone number here, only email contact.
2.2 stars with potential further score reduction.



They don't accept credit card payments or bank wires and they sell super low quality replica fake watches. Photos of genuine watches are used on their site.

Customer Reviews

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  1. the things they sell on this website have nothing to do with the quality they claim to have and it’s really a waste of time and money to deal with them
  2. their watches are definitely not worth the money they are asking for them
  3. I bought a bag for my sister from this site which was of cheap plastic. I think you should avoid buying from them.
  4. highly overestimated cheap duplicates not recommended
  5. It’s a site tat sells low-priced Chinese clones I do not think I would call it worthwhile or credible
  6. this site is one of the usual websites selling insignificant cheap replicas I do not think I would consider it trustworthy
  7. completely inappropriate website for buying a quality clone
  8. their collection is full of cheap and overpriced copies I do not think it’s a site worth visiting
  9. I hope you will not be tempted and order something from this particular website because then you are gonna have a great deal of disappointment as I had too
  10. their watches are cheap and worthless you better avoid them
  11. Don’t do the same mistake with me and try to order something from this site i’m tremendously frustrated from them.
  12. Really? Chinese replicas? no thanks…
  13. Chinese and Russia it’s a really bad combination if we’re talking about replicas….
  14. Low-quality and overpriced clones… does not worth a visit
  15. Buying from this site would be a mistake in my opinion, thier replicas are crap
  16. extremely unreliable Chinese site…
  17. one of the worst sites I’ve ever visited totally unreliable with low-quality imitations
  18. if you plan to buy something from this site I would ask you to think again I do not think it is quite reliable
  19. I would advise you to avoid any transaction with this particular site that I consider totally unreliable
  20. if you are interested in buying a cheap Chinese copy, then I recommend you to visit this site
  21. totally unreliable site, the things it sells are obviously of low quality, fake I would characterize them
  22. the only sure thing is I do not think it is trustworthy… I think it would be better to avoid it
  23. the copies it sells is unworthy of my annotation
  24. It doesn’t really have anything worthwhile to offer. Just ignore it.
  25. with such quality and with such prices I think it would be a crime by my side to recommend it to you
  26. very nice Chinese copies… If their price would be $ 10 I would buy one too but I do not think they deserve more
  27. not recommended… totally unreliable!
  28. horrible site surely not trusthable
  29. completely unsuitable for people looking for something of a quality
  30. does not qualify as credible from my point of view
  31. the only valuable on this site is their photos
  32. no way guys… no way
  33. I think site like this does not have a reason to exist
  34. cheap replicas of no value at all
  35. just pay attention to that (.cn) that makes the difference… Totally unreliable!
  36. cheap clones with zero durability. Stay away from this site
  37. A no good Chinese site with also no good clones
  38. Even dealing with this site is a waste of time
  39. I lost my time with this site I do not think it worth visiting
  40. a worthless site…
  41. a Chinese totally unreliable place
  42. I think it is totally pointless to visit this site
  43. a site that I would not recommend to anyone
  44. unreliable site with loading problems, avoid
  45. Do not let anyone trick you, this is the most unreliable site on the internet.
  46. Nothing special to be considered worth visiting
  47. I find it totally unreliable, surely not recommended by me.
  48. their copies are of very low quality… not recommended
  49. I would suggest you to stay away from these lousy site
  50. I do not find any reason to suggest it, is a site full of unnecessary imitations!

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