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Replica Site Reviews

Customer reviews for replica watches websites

Is a scam Рfraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

Simple and easy to navigate website design.
Be aware that most of the photos are from genuine watches and not their replicas.
No Bank wire payment option.
Note that they charge and additional $20 to $35 shipping cost.
Stay on the simple versions of the watches because the quality here is very low.
There is no telephone number here, only email contact.
2.2 stars with potential further score reduction.



They don't accept credit card payments or bank wires and they sell super low quality replica fake watches. Photos of genuine watches are used on their site.

Customer Reviews

    Showing 200 reviews
  1. an ordinary and fully unreliable Chinese site
  2. it’s definitely not one of my favorite sites. I find it highly unreliable
  3. a site with the usual fake Chinese imitations, i would not suggest it
  4. the worst quality imitations…
  5. this site has only cheap Chinese imitation without any value
  6. the visit to this site is a simple waste of time
  7. a site without anything remarkable I do not recommend it
  8. very low quality and high unreliability as for the delivery time! avoid it!
  9. poor quality copies I do not recommend it
  10. I would not advise you to visit it. It does not have anything worthwhile to see
  11. I think it’s not worth it to visit
  12. I would never recommend it to people who are looking for quality replica
  13. I do not think this is a reliable website
  14. false imitations that you find everywhere at particularly high prices, avoid it
  15. I really do not find any reason to visit this site
  16. I would advise you to stay away from this site
  17. simple waste of time!
  18. I advise you not to visit it…
  19. Chinese low reliability site I do not recommend it
  20. this is a visibly unreliable site
  21. it’s definitely not one of the sites I think is trustworthy
  22. has low-quality cheap stuff Not worth the visit
  23. Chinese garbages…
  24. in my personal judgment is one of the most unreliable sites
  25. not recommended!!!
  26. unreliable… avoid it
  27. Chinese site… Chinese watches…
  28. a big Not on my side, don’t trust it!
  29. 100% Chinese, don’t trust it
  30. don’t let me start saying about this site, just stay away
  31. The only reason to visit this site is to see inferior quality imitations being sold at excessive prices
  32. is one of the sites that I hate, sell completely fake and very low quality limitations to people who cannot recognize the quality replicas
  33. pure waste of time, I would advise you to avoid it
  34. Unfortunately I made the mistake of buying a replica from this page and I regret it, i would recommend you to avoid visiting this site.
  35. I was surprised and I bought a replica from their collection and for this I recommend you do not follow my example
  36. Just don’t… not worthy
  37. I personally think it’s a site that is not worth it to visit…
  38. not good enough from my point of view
  39. extremely poor quality… avoid it
  40. unsuitable for quality purchases
  41. I think it does not have the quality to be credible
  42. really unreliable site, its stuff has the worst quality I’ve ever seen
  43. a site that has absolutely nothing valuable to offer
  44. definitely not suitable for finding quality replicas!
  45. definitely not a reliable site!
  46. I would recommend you not to visit it, it has nothing worthy
  47. is one of the sites I would never trust
  48. This is a totally inappropriate site for those who are looking to find something of a quality
  49. imitation of this site is very poor quality and very fragile
  50. most probably the worst site for replicas…

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