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Replica Site Reviews

Customer reviews for replica watches websites

Is is a scam – fraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified real customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

A front website that redirects to
Photos of Rolex official website are used.
Low quality replica watches are received according to customer reports.
The watches received have nothing to do with the watches displayed on the site.
All returns subject to a 25% re-stocking fee.
No telephone number here, only email contact.
If you buy stay on the cheap versions because they are the same with the expensive ones.



Customers report that they received super cheap Asian fakes with 2813 movement despite the fact that they paid for the expensive "clone" versions.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Received my watch but with a broken glass. On contacting their customer care, found no fruitful solution to the problem. It has been almost a week since my purchase yet their agent has not shown up for replacements.
  2. Very poor service. I made a purchase from them to be delivered on my mother’s birthday but it’s been more than 15 days now and there’ve been no response.
  3. The watch I received from this site was very good. However, their customer service availability is not up to the mark. Needs improvement.
  4. Neither their products are attractive nor their website. They are just good at disappointing customers!
  5. I just came here to write my review and say goodbye forever to this site! I wonder why even I fooled me by shopping with tem at the first place!
  6. It is a pain to call them every day for my delivery packet. I ordered my watch 15 days ago, still haven’t received.
  7. The site is as bad as its name, with bad clones. It is simply futile and worthless.
  8. It’s better if you can rework on your website. It was quite difficult to complete the purchasing procedure.
  9. Even after placing my order online, I had to call them because the payment was stuck for almost three and a half hours. This is pure waste of time.
  10. I am not satisfied with my purchase. The service did not match my expectation at all.
  11. I would not suggest this site to do your shopping, i’m speaking from my experience
  12. the quality of their products does not meet my requirements, I don’t think that they are able to do some serious work
  13. Websites as them has no reason to exist
  14. if you finally make the mistake and decide to get into the process to Order something from them, you must know that you will be disappointed in all areas
  15. There is no website functionable at this address
  16. I really cannot see the point of their existence
  17. they are selling a Rolex Sea-Dweller with 100 bucks how can anyone trust them… what kind of quality can those watches be made of to achieve these prices…
  18. I really cannot understand how can anyone trust as a quality replica something that worths 100 bucks
  19. Website with dubious quality copies at low prices I do not think how can they be rated as reliable
  20. Is a pretty heavy website with loading problems that makes navigation particularly difficult besides, the quality of their copies is particularly questionable due to their very low price. I do not think can be evaluated as a reliable website.
  21. the only valuable thing in this website is their pictures, if you buy a watch though you’ll be disappointed by its quality
  22. to say the truth I hesitate to buy a replica from them because of their particularly low prices which are not consistent with the high quality they promise
  23. it is really sad to have such websites that gives a bad name to the word replica
  24. How can you trust a website that cannot offer a clear photo of their products i wonder… The lack of clearness and sharpness in their photos shows an unprofessionalism that is a strong indication for their unreliability.
  25. Nothing exceptional… just the common cheap clones but overestimated and expensive
  26. I made the mistake to trust them… do not make the same mistake too.
  27. their unreliability is particularly obvious judging by the fact that they sell a pearlmaster for only $ 200 you can imagine its quality…
  28. I faced two issues with my order the first was the difficulty to place it since the pages was not loading fast enough and sometimes were crashing and the second was with the delivery which was a week delayed.
  29. only inexperienced people would buy their watches for my eyes they are clearly unreliable
  30. it’s not the type of website that inspires confidence to its customers I don’t think I would buy anything from their collection
  31. This is an extremely unreliable website in my opinion you better watch out with them
  32. I think this site is totally unreliable judging by how long it takes load the pages and from their photos.
  33. a site full of very nice photos and no quality clones
  34. it’s most probably a scam site but i’m not sure since i haven’t ordered anything from them because i don’t have money to lose
  35. Their watches aren’t qualitatively enough to cover my demands…
  36. I blame myself for believing on their reliability and order a watch which is a useless iron toy, do not trust them
  37. totally unreliable site avoid it
  38. totally worthless site with fakes
  39. a big one No by me, watch out with this site
  40. the least I could say about this site is that it’s unreliable
  41. is not the most reliable site that i know… i wouldn’t recommend it
  42. horrible quality these watches are not qualified to be called replicas by my opinion
  43. a bunch of overpriced low quality imitations, forget it
  44. I am not convinced that you can buy something worthwhile from this site and that’s why I suggest you to ignore it
  45. A site of no reliability at all
  46. totaly unreliable site full of worthless clones
  47. in my opinion completely unreliable website
  48. This site does not meet the specifications to be trustworthy. At least for my part…
  49. a site that is not capable of satisfying my own sense of quality, not recommended
  50. It is not worthwhile to deal with them…

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