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Important Notice

Your positive or negative experiences can be helpful to other so long as your review is honest

Important Notice

Important Notice

Both positive and negative experiences can be helpful to other consumers so long as your reviews are honest and provide as many of the relevant details as possible. Your opinions are generally protected, but posting false information can have legal ramifications. A small number of reviews may be removed by an automated system that is designed to protect consumers and websites from fake reviews.

In an effort to show consumers only the most relevant reviews, in 2013 Opiiion introduced a Review Filter. The filter uses an algorithm that attempts to display to users only the most relevant content by filtering certain reviews. Reasons reviews might be filtered include: suspected solicited reviews in violation of our terms of service, suspected site-promotion spam (positive reviews), suspected competitor spam (negative reviews), language use, irrelevant content, and other terms of service violations.

The same filter and algorithm is applied to every website. The filter isn’t perfect, but it is dynamic and always learning. As a result, you may see reviews move in and out of the filter as the filter learns more about the trustworthiness of the reviews of a particular site. The filter pulls from a wide range of data and is intentionally difficult to decipher to avoid gaming. If your review has been filtered, don’t worry, it hasn’t been deleted. As you continue to demonstrate your trustworthiness and contribute to the community, your reviews will likely no longer be filtered.

We believe in free speech and do our best not to censor our community. However on rare occasions a review may be removed because:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Second-hand experiences
  • Personal attacks such as hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness
  • Relevance
  • Plagiarism

While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reviews, Opiiion does not guarantee that all reviews are authentic or accurate. Be an educated consumer. Read what you can and make your decision based upon an examination of all available information.

You must create an account and provide certain information about yourself in order to use some of the features that are offered through the Site. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account password. You are also responsible for all activities that occur in connection with your account. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. We reserve the right to close your account at any time for any or no reason.

Your account is for your personal, non-commercial use only. In creating it, we ask that you provide complete and accurate information about yourself to bolster your credibility as a contributor to the Site. You may not impersonate someone else (e.g., adopt the identity of a celebrity or your next-door neighbor), create or use an account for anyone other than yourself, provide an email address other than your own, or create multiple accounts.

You agree not to, and will not assist, encourage, or enable others to use the Site to:

  • Violate our Review Guidelines, for example, by writing a fake or defamatory review, trading reviews with other businesses, or compensating someone or being compensated to write or remove a review;
  • Violate any third party’s rights, including any breach of confidence, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right;
  • Threaten, stalk, harm, or harass others, or promote bigotry or discrimination;
  • Promote a business or other commercial venture or event, or otherwise use the Site for commercial purposes.


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