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Replica Site Reviews

Customer reviews for replica watches websites – – –

Is – a scam – fraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

Old style website design.
Cheap, low quality replica watches made in China.
Slow delivery times up to 6 weeks reported by customers.
Be aware that the “Swiss” versions are the same with the cheap ones.
Slow delivery and very bad watch quality is the customer feedback here.
No telephone number for this dealer.
2.5 stars just for the ones that look for a cheap replica.



Low quality overpriced Asian fakes. They use genuine watch photos in their site and their "Swiss" versions are the same low quality Asian replicas with the 2813 inside.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Not so good service experienced by me so far. This site takes forever to deliver your watches.
  2. If you want to see your hard earned gradually drift away from you, then simply place an order here and say goodbye to your dollars.
  3. I must say that this site needs to work on its professionalism and customer service. I called up for a brief query on my Daydate and none of them had a clear answer to my question. Please improve your service guys.
  4. Would have given this site a 5 star had it not been for their customer service. A disappointing encounter.
  5. Can you please as your customer care representatives to be a little polite with customers? First, I wasn’t getting any response, and then they behaved so rudely. Very poor experience.
  6. Don’t go for this site guys. It’s a waste of both time and money!
  7. Save yourself from this fraud site! They have no care for their customers.
  8. I have wasted my money and time on this useless site and therefore I am here to warn others for not repeating my mistake.
  9. Don’t fool yourself guys. Stay away from this site.
  10. I saw the exact same product pictures in other websites and doubt if any of the pictures exhibited in this site are real!
  11. This website needs to bring more variety of products! Even the quality of products is not that good!
  12. This site takes time for everything! For loading to delivery they are sure willing to waste your time.
  13. It is my advice better not to purchase any watch from this site. I got fooled at every stage. Truly, a tragic experience.
  14. The texture of most of the timepieces in this site camouflages the dial distinctly. Moreover, it was quite difficult to navigate their website. I think you people should redo it.
  15. The watch which I ordered from here isn’t like the one I saw on the site. It seems like they only have enticing pictures.
  16. I wasn’t too pleased with the sales services. They chose not to respond to my queries. Who does that? Ethically wrong!!
  17. Very disappointed Low quality watch.
  18. I think it’s a good site for anyone who search for cheap and low quality watches but it’s not for my taste, sorry.
  19. they are not corresponding to the demand of the market
  20. Site’s usability in lower level and products appearance is like toys
  21. it is a lousy job doesn’t worth your time and money
  22. This site does not exist anymore i think
  23. they build a new site to sell their Chinese garbages It seems like the old site has become known and sells no more
  24. Highly unreliable website from my point of view.
  25. Loading and loading and loading and……. and if you’re stupid enough you’re waiting and waiting and…..
  26. awful website with page loading problems and very cheap copies
  27. For anyone who knows of quality replicas It is highly visible that their copies are of low quality and totally unreliable.
  28. The main reason I do not trust them is their inability to build a proper website without loading problems. How it is possible for people who can not create a functional site to be able to make a worthwhile replicas.
  29. I have encountered several problems during my navigation on their website unjustifiably in my opinion due to their lack of their professionalism.
  30. the most important thing in a clone is the quality used to make it and these people have no idea what the word quality is all about.
  31. very low-quality copies without any practical purchasing value real waste money
  32. don’t pay any attention to them they don’t deserve it
  33. the work they do with their replicas is not the best possible at least for my preferences
  34. yeah sure, they’re looking for victims with lots money to spend but i don’t think they have the slightest chance to succeed something
  35. I guess for someone looking for a cheap clone It will be pleased by their collection but not me because i seek for quality
  36. You’re better off without a watch if you’re going to buy a clone from them, believe me.
  37. really worthless things that appearing as quality clones
  38. Unfortunately I bought a watch from this site and i really regretted it
  39. I really have not found anything valuable in their collection but only the usual cheap clones sold by the Chinese in every street corner.
  40. their watches do not have the quality to justify their prices, I do not think it’s a reliable website
  41. I would not recommend you browsing this site since i consider it a real waste of time
  42. I bought a copy from this site and that’s why I advise you to avoid it
  43. they are selling rubbish stuff don’t trust them
  44. Not good enough for my kind of taste…
  45. Just a few days ago a cusin bought a watch from them which was totally fake!!! avoid them
  46. I do not think this site deserves your trust the opposite I would say
  47. your visit to this website will simply be a waste of time in my opinion
  48. I think your visit to this site will simply be a waste of time and so I do not recommend it
  49. it is neither reliable nor worthwhile…
  50. I do not think you’ll lose something If you do not visit this site…

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