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Is a scam – fraud site or a trusted seller? Is my money safe with this website? Read verified real customer opinions and testimonials for and find out if this is a trusted seller or not. Learn what is the customers opinion for replica watches. You purchased a replica watch from Then tell us your opinion for their product and your buying experience with them so other people will know before they buy and help them to make the right choice!

Beware! This seller is changing his site name and extension frequently!
Shipping cost varies from 0 up to $80 depending the location.
Avoid the “Swiss” versions and get the cheap one because its the same watch.
Customer feedback confirms the “Swiss” trick since they received low quality replicas.
Our opinion is that we would never buy from a seller who keeps changing his site and its hard to track him.



Another overpriced Asian fakes scam. Their "Swiss" or "Japanese" versions are super low quality Asian fakes with garbage 2813 movements inside.

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