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Rolex Cloned Movement

Rolex Cloned Movements

The new Rolex Cloned movements really completes the term Rolex replica. Having a Rolex replica with an ETA movement was always a big disadvantage, because in any open case back inspection everybody could see that it’s a replica. Today this problem is solved with the New Rolex Cloned movements that can really fool even a professional jeweller.

Comparing the new Rolex Clone movements with the Genuine ones, overall I would say the Clone matches the ‘looks-competition’ mainly because of the very gen-like engravements. Also the finish is smooth and the bridges are nicely beveled, striping is nice and fine and the pearlage is fine. The gen-look balance bridge adds to the overall gen-like appearance. This image is enhanced by the movement serial number. Also the balance has a genuine Swiss Glucydur hair spring.

Clone movement’s mimics the Rolex calibres very well even when it comes to construction and design. This is purely based on the fact that the Clones copied all the design features like the keyless, date wheel guiding jewel, escape wheel shock absorber perfectly. They look accurate mainly based on the nice engravements and overall finishing of the bridge and they will fool a watchmaker on a short inspection.

These Clone movements are assembled in Switzerland and they can be as reliable as a genuine Swiss movement since they are based on genuine Swiss ETA calibers. They are designed almost identical to its genuine counterpart so if serviced correctly they can even be as reliable and sturdy as a genuine Rolex Calibre. So basically they are virtually bullet proof having the proper service. Also the crown position and ability to take genuine hands and genuine like ‘time setting’ enhances the overall image.

So if you are looking for an undetectable replica watch then the Clone movement’s are an one way road to you.

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